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must be jpeg files at 72 dpi, with the largest side [horizontal or vertical]
of exactly 600 pixels [the other side doesn't matter as long as is NOT larger that 600 pixels].
titles for the specific artwork and (optional) the medium used (digital, oil, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, photography, etc.
if digital, what software it was used, and so on).

artist start page will include a
photo image of the artist, and other info
(ex. short description of the art, awards, other exhibitions, etc., described in less than 200 words.)

after the artist section is approved, the artist will receive (via email) the date to be featured as the "artist of the month".
after one month that section will be moved inside the gallery where visitors, through the "gallery" button, can access the artist section.

feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

we are looking forward to receive your great artwork for review please send it at this address: art@grapheye.com

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