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Name: Karin Eszterhas
Location: Denmark
Digital painting

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark...the small country just north of Germany on the atlas :-) At school I liked language, writing, singing and drawing, because these things were easy for me to learn ... and I still like them. I have always been creative in one way or another So it was only natural that I wanted to work in a creative place... and got a job in the Danish National Radio and TV Broadcasting Company, where I became a professional soundengineer, and later on narrator, announcer and journalist too. Mixing and soundediting became a passion, and I have been involved in the fast electronic developement in the radio media, from editing with scissors in mono- and stereo tapes, to digital computer editing. Learning new things all the time. I then discovered how amazing a computer is...and I bought one to have at home too in 1994. I started doing Digital pictures in late summer 1999, when I got Bryce. I worked in Bryce and made models in Rhino for a couple of years. About a year ago I moved on to 3D Studio Max and Vray. I also use Photoshop and Painter for more or less postwork. I think the pictures I do are realism with an impressionistic touch. It’s not my ambition to create total reality, because a camera can do that better I think. I want to put my personal mark on the pictures I do. I very much like to do interiours, but also landscape scenes and buildings. Architecture is fascinating to me, as all art is. Mostly my ideas come from something I see... in real life, in movies, paintings or on photos. Sometimes an idea comes from a memory of a place I have visited...and I create my vision of it. In 1987 I began studying Astrology, because Astrology was always very interesting to me. So in fact I got my very first computer in 1987, but I only used it for horoscopes. I got my Diploma as an Astrologer in 1990.

Karin Eszterhás, July 2003.
personal website: www.digitalgallery.dk

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