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Jon Thimmel
1950, Moldova, Romania
Perl-Borg, Germany


The association "ETRE" would like to show its opening towards Europe.
After having left the old church to artists from France, Belgium and Luxembourg it would like to allow this time a young artist from Germany to show what this religious and mystical space has provoked in him.

As soon as we enter, our attention is caught by the "inner light of the tree" which guides us to the choir in a beginning circuit.
If sometimes one could reproach the hermetism of certain conceptual approaches, the message here is light and clear.
Like a child on his mother's hand, says Jon, he wants to guide us to the opened triptychon, which has been put over the altar, from where the Christ is rising to heaven.

The artist is using nature, which he doesn't want to betray or change, he is playing with the colour shades of the wood like a painter with his palette. Age is making wood harder and its colour darker, from the softness of the young sprout until the dryness of the dead wood. From birth to death, which is always triumphing as the only certitude of life. Here at the end of the circuit, it is throwing against heaven a message of hope and liberation for the ones who believe. But the artist wanted to respect nature, so that it can transmit to us the message without intervening in another manner than. by putting in scenery this still life. He refused any personal intervention, so that the symbol of Christ, rising his arms to heaven, embracing the universe in order to save mankind, is to be found in this branch, which he saw and immediately knew, how to give it a mystical role in harmonisation with lent.

But Jon Thimmel's talent is multiple. He is expressing himself in different materials, working on different subjects, from profanity to philosophy. Wood is not eternal. It is living, changing, disappearing. The hardness of marble is making it more unmovable. The opposition of the two materials, their confrontation, allows to point out the "metamorphosis" or the "ephemeric character" of things. With optimism thanks to a perfect technical mastery, the love for well done work arid the respect of the others, Jon Thimmel, a sincere and sensible artist, full of devotion, will show us without any doubt, still a lot of creations, surprises and emotions.

1999 Maison Robert-Schuman, Scy-Chazelles.
1998/99 Maison “Am Hinterturm”, Biankenheim, Allemagne.
1998 Stadtbredimus, Luxembourg / Strassen, Luxembourg / Cour de justice des Communautes Europeennes, Luxembourg / Expo passion, eglise de Mont-Saint-Martin Prum, Allemagne / exposition “Art contemporain” Grevenmacher, Luxembourg.
1996 Gorze, France / creation du pupitre et l’autel de l’eglise paroissiale de Borg, Allemagne.
1992 Saverne, France. 1994 Laureat du prix des Trois Frontieres, Saar-Lor-Lux a Perl, Allemagne.
1990 Galerie Pensa, Bale / Galerie 88 Luxembourg.
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